Podcast Episode 9: Practice plan development with Jan De Brandt

In this episode of the podcast we take a look at the philosophy of developing a good training or practice plan. In his interview, Jan De Brandt expressed his view that coaches should always be looking for ways to reduce the amount of time in training through effective and efficient use of that time.

Jan De Brandt has coached professionally in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Azerbaijan, and Germany, as well has his native Belgium. He is currently the Women’s National Team Coach for Hungary, having also coached Belgium. Among his coaching accomplishments are winning the European Volleyball League, silver medal in the CEV Champions League, bronze in the CEV Cup, plus league and cup titles in Turkey. Jan started his career coaching men, but switched to women after a few years.

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Podcast Episode 7: Coaching vs Training with Redbad Strikwerda

Back to our regular programming with this episode!

The thoughts of Redbad Strikwerda feature in this show – in particular, on the subject of whether it is more important to be a good training coach or a good match-day coach. Comments from the likes of Hugh McCutcheon and Vyacheslav Platonov are included in the discussion.

Redbad Strikwerda currently coaches with Landstede Volleybal in the top men’s division of his native Holland. He has won 6 titles, 6 Cups, and 6 Super Cups in Dutch volleyball. He has coached in the CEV Champions League, CEV Cup, and CEV Challenge Cup. He has also coached in the European League and European Championships with the Dutch National Team.

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Podcast Episode 6: Being a Humble Coach and Coaching Education, Ruben Wolochin

This episode of the podcasts is a continuation of our discussion from Episode 5 with Ruben Wolochin from German men’s team TV Bühl. We continue to talk about what Ruben saw and heard in the big coaching conference he attended in his native Argentina. The conversation here turns to coaching mentality and coaching education. You will hear the term “humble” used several times!

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Mark Lebedew on changing coaching philosophy

Here’s a clip from Mark Lebedew’s interview in which he talks about how his coaching philosophy has changed over the years. It’s short, but it could make you ask questions of your own philosophy.

This clip is just part of an interview which contains more than 2 hours of insight, experience, and observations from internationally and professionally experienced coach.

Learn more about Mark and how you can access his full interview here.