Big update #1 – New Approach

There are some developments we need to share with you with regards to the Volleyball Coaching Wizards project. Enough that we need to use a couple of posts to do so. In this first one we’ll focus on the first part of the new approach we’re taking to things.

Using Patreon

We decided to shift our model for distributing Wizards interviews to one mainly focused on Patreon. If you’re not familiar with it, Patreon is a platform which allows people (patrons) to support content developers through small pledges.

The platform features a donation-per-creation structure which fits very well with our project and also takes a considerable administrative load off our shoulders. In other words, it will let us focus on producing content, which is the whole point of this venture.

We’re starting off with two general tiers – $2/interview and $5/interview. Both come with bonuses, which we’ll look to expand upon as me move forward. Our plan is to post 2 interviews per month on Patreon. That way the monthly cost for everyone stays low. We can talk down the road about adjusting that monthly number based on patron feedback.

The first objective

A big motivation for us to go with this dontation-per-creation mode is being able to convert the interview audio for expanded distribution. The most obvious is generating transcriptions. They aren’t massively expensive to create these days, but do take some editing after the fact. Our initial goal is to reach $150/interview in donations to pay for that. Patrons will, of course, get those transcripts as an added benefit.

The next level is translation. It would be awesome to be able to transcribe the interviews into a variety of languages. That’s even more expense, though, so first things first.

Become a patron today and help us toward those objectives.

Become a Patron!

And if you get others to become patrons as well we’ll reach our initial transcription target even faster!

Here’s our second big update, which relates to interviewers.

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