Big update #2 – More interviewers

In the last update we talked about our new approach to making Wizards interviews available to coaches around the world. In this update the focus is on how we actually produce new interviews.

Expanding our interviewers

A major limitation to the project up to this point is John’s and Mark’s availability to conduct interviews. Scheduling, recording, and producing them are quite time intensive efforts. I can be 6-8 hours of work for each of them when you put it all together. With the increased demands on our time seen in recent years, it’s hard to be able to get them done, especially when factoring other things like developing the Wizards books.

There are so many coaches out there worth having their stories and insights shared. And more will continue to bubble up over time. We want to be able to interview as many of them as we can, and contribute their knowledge and experience to the collective coaching consciousness. In order to do so, though, we’re going to need help.

That being the case, we’re putting out an open call for additional interviewers. These could be people who happen to know a certain Wizard caliber coach, and would thus do a single interview for us. Or they could be folks interested in doing a series of interviews. Both types are equally useful to the project.

Could this be you?

Think you could be one of those people?

If you’re familiar with the project you know we have a fairly standard set of working questions we include in the interviews. They form the basic outline of the discussion. Knowledge of and/or research about the Wizard then provides additional direction.

In other words, you’d need to be able to follow a plan, but also do the work needed to customize that plan to a given interview. No two interviews ever go the same way. That’s kind of the point. If every coach was the same, we would need a project like this one.

Think you could do that? If so, contact us. Let us know what you would bring to the project.

Our third of these three updates, also relates to this additional interviewers idea.

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