About the Project

Sharing thousands of years of accumulated volleyball coaching knowledge and experience. That’s what we’re after!

Sound ambitious? We hope so. We want something truly spectacular – something that will help volleyball coaches at all levels for years to come!


We are interviewing great coaches from all over the world. And we’re not just talking to coaches of elite collegiate, professional, or national teams. We’re sitting down and going in depth to great coaches at every level. We believe Wizard coaches can be found in all areas of the sport. That’s from kids just starting all the way up the competitive and participation ladder (Recommend someone to interview here).

The interviews are more like conversations than rigid, formulaic exchanges. This is because we want these coaches to be able to express their views and share their stories so the rest of us can learn from them. We want to get a feel for them as people, not as a simple representation of a coach.

The plan is to turn those interviews into content which can be consumed in every way possible. That means text, audio, and video. We can easily see the number of interviews being in the hundreds, so this will be a substantial project! Here’s how you can help.