The concept of the team – another view

In this excerpt from his Volleyball Coaching WIzards interview, Vital Heynen shares his concept of team and how he looks to develop that in the volleyball squads he leads. It is worth comparing his views to those shared by Sue Gozansky.

Vital led the German National Team to a bronze medal at the 2014 World Championships, then Poland to gold in 2018. He won numerous league and cup titles coaching in his native Belgium, and has also coached professionally in Germany, Poland and Turkey.

Team building and developing the team culture

In this excerpt from his Volleyball Coaching Wizards interview, US college coach Terry Pettit answers the question what he would do in terms of team-building and developing a team culture if he took over a new team.

Coaching legend Terry Pettit developed what became a powerhouse University of Nebraska volleyball program during the course of his 23 years. While at the Corn Husker helm, Pettit’s teams won nearly 700 matches and more than 20 conference championships. They reached the Final 4 on six occasions, winning one national championship and finishing runner-up two other times. Terry was selected conference Coach of the Year nine times and AVCA National Coach of the Year three times. He received the USA Volleyball All-Time Great Coaches Award in 2004 and was selected to the AVCA Hall of Fame. Terry has written three books: Talent and the Secret Life of Teams; The Journey to Extraordinary Coaching; and A Fresh Season – Insights Into Coaching, Leadership and Volleyball.

Avoiding cultural or clique splits in a team

In this excerpt from his Volleyball Coaching Wizards interview, Ismo Peltoarvo shares his views on avoiding splits in a team caused by cultural differences or the development of player splits. One of the things he uses to that end is the team goal development process.

Ismo Peltoarvo is one of the most respected Swedish volleyball coaches. He has won more than 20 domestic and international titles in Sweden. He has coached at the international level for both the senior and junior national team. He currently directs the Swedish national volleyball training center.

Developing the team concept

In this excerpt from her Volleyball Coaching Wizards interview, Sue Gozansky discusses the development of the team concept.

An AVCA Hall of Fame inductee, Sue Gozansky won nearly 700 matches during a 39 year career coaching at UC Riverside. That tenure includes 3 national championships and a record 20 straight NCAA tournament trips. She is author of the books Championship Volleyball Techniques and Drills and Volleyball Coach’s Survival Guide. Sue travels the world as a coaching instructor for both the FIVB and USA Volleyball.

This topic is something John & Mark expand on further in Episode 1 of the Podcast, and is also a topic featured in the Wizard Wisdom book.

John Dunning on defining team culture

At the Art of Coaching Volleyball clinic in Fort Worth, TX (held at TCU), John got a chance to sit down with John Dunning, Terry Liskevych, and Russ Rose for a set of interviews. They were not full Wizards style interviews – which generally go 1:30-2:00 hours in length – but they addressed some similar themes. We’ll be releasing clips from those interviews on our YouTube channel over time – five of them this week.

Here’s the first, featuring John Dunning talking about developing and enforcing team culture.