Volleyball Coaching Wizard Simon Loftus

Coach of Scotland’s First Ever International Trophy Winners

Simon Loftus started his coaching at the youth level in his native Scotland, but soon was on to bigger things. He developed the Leeds Metropolitan University program which dominated U.K. university volleyball for several years. He then went on to lead the Scottish men to their first ever trophy in international competition. After spending time coaching in the US, he returned to England.

His resume includes:

  • Coach of the England Men’s National Team
  • 2012 Novatel Cup winner as Scottish National Team head coach
  • 6 U.K. university championships (BUCS) and 5 Volleyball England Student Cup titles
  • NCAA tournament appearance while coaching in the US
  • Also coached professionally in Sweden

Here’s some of what Simon discusses in his interview:

– Developing a coaching style
– Working with male vs. female athletes
– Comparing the US and European systems
– Coaching against lower caliber opposition

Play this excerpt for a taste of the sort of insights and ideas you’ll get from the full interview:

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