Podcast Episode 32: Killing the Player Inside

In our interview with Glenn Hoag, he shared a comment from legendary coach Julio Velasco. It was that in order to truly be successful a coach must kill the player inside of him. This episode of the podcast explores that comment and its implications for your mentality as a coach. During the discussion we mention the conversation from the Peggy Martin podcast. That’s the one talking about coaching players as they are.

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2 Replies to “Podcast Episode 32: Killing the Player Inside”

  1. Every few minutes the podcast goes back to the beginning. Please fix it. I’d love to actually hear the entire thing. Thank you.

    1. Michelle – I cannot replicate the problem. It seems to work fine for me. You might try in a different browser. Alternatively, you can just download the MP3 file using the link under the audio player.

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