Volleyball Coaching Wizard Mark Lebedew

From the Professional Coaching Trenches

Australian Mark Lebedew currently coaches in Poland after a successful five years in Germany leading the Berlin Recycling Volleys club to new heights. He is also the author of the At Home on the Court blog.

His resume includes:

  • Coaching Australia in World Championships, Olympic Qualifications, Volleyball Nations League, and Asian Championships
  • Winning the German championship 3 times in a row
  • A CEV Champions League bronze medal
  • Experience coaching in Italy, Poland, Germany, and Belgium
  • Teaching around the world as an FIVB Coaching instructor

Here’s some of what Mark discusses in his interview:

– His philosophy on training
– How he prepares a team for a match
– The life of a professional volleyball coach
– How he uses video and statistics
– His philosophy on goal setting
– Advice for developing coaches

Play this excerpt for a taste of the sort of insights and ideas you’ll get from the full interview:

Mark’s interview is included in the The Volleyball Nations League 2019 Bundle with Giovanni Guidetti, Vital Heynen, and Glenn Hoag.

Volleyball Coaching Wizard Vital Heynen

Professional Player to National Team Coach

Belgian Vital Heynen became a coach after a distinguished career playing volleyball for club and country. His experience as a player has strongly influenced his coaching philosophy, though perhaps not in the way you might think. This is something he talks about in his interview.

His resume includes:

  • Gold Medal coaching Poland in the 2018 World Championships, Bronze at 2019 Volleyball Nations League
  • Bronze Medal coaching Germany in the 2014 World Championships
  • 4 league titles, 5 Cups, and 4 Super Cups in the Belgian league.
  • 2 CEV Cup medals
  • Additional professional coaching experience in Poland and Turkey

Here’s some of what Vital share discusses in his interview:

– Managing cultural diversity in a team
– His philosophy of training
– Putting together a coaching staff
– Developing the concept of team
– Expectations and playing time

Play this excerpt for a taste of the sort of insights and ideas you’ll get from the full interview:

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