Volleyball Coaching Wizard Redbad Strikwerda

Taking a Different Perspective on Coaching

Dutch coach Redbad Strikwerda has had considerable success coaching in his native country and has had the opportunity to coach in top international competition. His philosophy on coaching is different in some ways than others, which makes anyone listening to him think seriously about their own position.

His resume includes:

  • 6 League, 6 Cup, and 6 Super Cup titles in the Netherlands
  • Dutch volleyball Coach of the Year
  • Has coached in the CEV Champions League, CEV Cup, and CEV Challenge Cup
  • Has coached in the European League and European Championships with the Dutch National Team

Here’s some of what Redbad discusses in his interview:

– Whether coaching in training is more or less important than match coaching

– His approach to technical training

– Structuring training over the course of the season

– Thinking in terms of long-term player development

Play this excerpt for a taste of the sort of insights and ideas you’ll get from the full interview:

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Adding some Dutch flavor

The following came in from a Dutch (by way of England) contact:

Joop Albeda is a good choice. You need to name it together with another Dutch coach who made the Dutch men European Champion and won many National Titles. He is now General Manager of a football club ( PSV Eindhoven). His name is Toon Gerbrands.  I am also missing, and he is still an FIVB advisor and currently psychology coach for Ajax: Peter Murphy. Peter has been mentor for coaches like Joop Albeda and Harry Brokkink and is comparable to an Arie Selinger.

A bunch of international nominees

Carlos Prata, assistant coach with the Portuguese national team, offered up a list Volleyball Coaching Wizard nominees. It includes:

  • Paulo Cunha (Portugal)
  • Silvano Prandi, Flavio Gulinelli (Italy)
  • Gido Vermeullen, Joop Alberda (Netherlands)
  • Julio Velasco (Argentina)
  • Ricardo Maldonado (Argentina)
  • Pierre Laborie, Eric Daniel (France)
  • Vitel Heynen, Dominique Baeyens, Jan DeBrandt (Belgium)
  • Bernardindho, José Roberto Guimarães (Brazil)
  • Arie Selinger, Bill Neville, Doug Beal, Marv Dunphy, Karch Kiraly, Hugh McCutcheon