Review: Recommended for any volleyball coach

Here’s a review a reader of the first Volleyball Coaching Wizards book posted on Amazon.

As a volleyball coach I was pleased to find a book dedicated to my sport. While I’ve read some great coaching books, such as the ones by Phil Jackson and Bill Walsh, they are both American and about basketball and football respectively. So I very much appreciated not just the technical volleyball aspect, but the fact that the coaches interviewed were from not just the USA, but also Europe and Australia. In particular the interview with Giovanni Guidetti is worth the price of the book alone. His views on coaching and learning are inspirational and thought provoking. The book covers a wide range of volleyball coaching, so not everything will be relevant to each reader (e.g. beach volleyball and college volleyball were less applicable to me), but each coach interviewed had higher level themes relating to coach player interactions that sat above the technical application. Recommended for any volleyball coach.

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