New volleyball coaching podcast coming!

Volleyball Coaching Wizards podcastFrom the early days of the Volleyball Coaching Wizards project it was the plan to find as many avenues and mechanisms as we could to share the insights and perspectives of all these highly experienced and successful coaches. A big part of that is developing a volleyball coaching podcast.

To that end, we’re glad to announced that the Volleyball Coaching Wizards podcast will shortly be coming your way!

We already have some episodes recorded. It’s just a question of doing the final touches on the editing and production and making sure all the technical elements are sorted out. Look for the first episode to hit in a couple of weeks.

We realize we’re not exactly breaking new territory here introducing a volleyball coaching podcast. Others are out there. We like to think, though, that we are able to provide a broader perspective thanks to the diversity of the coaches we’re able to bring together for the Wizards project.

The current plan is for each episode to run about 30 minutes. We figure that’s a good duration for listening during a commute, while exercising, etc. Most episodes are likely to be centered around something which gets discussed in on of the Wizards interviews. No doubt we’ll mix in some other things as well based on developments in the game, coaching experiences, attending events, and the like.

We’re really looking forward to this new dimension to Volleyball Coaching Wizards. Hope you are too!

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