Volleyball Coaching Wizard Mike Lingenfelter

Finding Your Coaching Niche

USA club coach Mike Lingenfelter spent a number of years in the college coaching ranks as both an assistant and head coach following his own playing career. He has really found a home coaching younger developing players at the Juniors level, though. He’s spent over 15 years at the highly respected Munciana program – the oldest volleyball club in the US. There he feels he can have the greatest impact as a trainer and player developer.

His resume includes:

  • Four national championships, four national runner-ups, and three third place finishes with his Juniors teams
  • Three Indiana state high school championships.
  • Indiana state high school Coach of the Year on three occasions.
  • Regular coaching clinic presenter

Here’s some of what Mike discusses in his interview:

– Evolving as a coach
– Having a culture
– Structuring and managing team tryouts
– Developing team culture and cohesion
– Managing the demands of a long season
– Having a player-first mentality

Play this excerpt for a taste of the sort of insights and ideas you’ll get from the full interview:

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