Tapping into the Junior College ranks

Had a nice list of junior college coaches to add to the nominations list.

One group missing would be community college coaches. They do a lot of recruiting, have to do a ton of development…along with extras other college coaches don’t.


  • Bill Burnside, John Logan College –teaches better 0-tempo attacks than any other juco coach
  • Sue Sinclair, Illinois Central –has a national title, AVCA coach of the year a couple times
  • Jim Dietz, Lincoln Land –has coached USA HP, along with high school. Is also a club director
  • Kelly Daniels, Mav Jrs. –took Longview College to nationals–also officiates and does club
  • Rick Reynolds, Western Wyoming –has limited scholarships and a crappy geographic location…still wins regularly
  • Bob Vilsoet, Harper College –D3 juco so has no scholarships…totally different philosophy than jucos with scholarships. Same could be done with Brookhaven (TX)’s coach whose name escapes me at the moment.
  • Jennifer Ei, Johnson County (Kansas)
  • Rick Younger, Butler CC (Kansas) –he’s a baseball guy who made the transition to volleyball, so he has a different perspective on things.

Figured I’d pass on those names…juco coaches are usually ignored because people in volleyball don’t see them like in other sports.

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