Starting to make some Juniors waves

Thanks to some efforts spreading the word about Volleyball Coaching Wizards, the nominations at the Juniors/Youth club level are starting to flow in. Here are some that came in today.

Darrell Dilmore has prepared many players for the next level and has done it over the course of many years. He’s also been an excellent mentor of young coaches and generous with tactics, strategy and teaching methods. His teams have always enjoyed success on and off the court and he often does it without the most talented kids. The other coachs I would recommend at this level are Rich Polk and Matt Diaz who have been coaching for years and has been an excellent trainers of young players. Both have different methods and philosophies (Rich only coaches 16s at Balboa while Diaz will take a team for 4 years) and have successfully trained many athletes for the college game.

Bryan Pieschel from St. Louis High Performance and affiliated with USA Volleyball is a phenomenal coach who is able to bring the fundamentals of the game in a “tough love” sort of way to players. You have to see him in action to really understand the impact the guy makes on the players. Currently the boy’s director for all of the club, Bryan also coaches the 14 Royal team. Players who miss playing for Bryan because they join the club in high school are disappointed that they didn’t get the opportunity to learn from this incredible teacher.   Ex-military, Bryan is very disciplined and expects his players to give it their all and is very vocal about this at practices. He is direct and to the point. Yet he is able to connect on a human level and be loved by the players and parents. Everyone should have the opportunity to play at least one season for Bryan – preferably early in the development stage – as he is a master a teaching the fundamentals of defense and team play.

John Trojaniak, Founder of Windy City VBC, now retied.
Molly Kavanaugh, Asics Tigers from Orange county, also retired.
Ron Kordes, KIVA
Dave Shondell, HC Purdue, formerly club director and coach with Munciana
Rick Butler, SPRI.
Mike Lingenfelter, Municiana
Chris Beerman, Lexington United
Rich Zeziski, Team Z, now retired.
Ping Zhou, Texas Advantage.
Jim Miret Front Range Volleyball.

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