Nominees from the U.K., and beyond

Here are some suggestions of Wizard coaches from the U.K.

Jeff Williams (Malory Eagles)
Keith Trenam (Sheffield)
Audrey Cooper (VE/ Northumbria)
Craig Faill (Scottish Women’s Nation Team)
Thomas Dowens (Scottish Junior Men)
Harry Brooking (GB Coach & Sousse Tunisia)

And a few from beyond:

Joel Banks (Belguim Juniors)
John Speraw (USA)
Julio Velasco (Argentina)
Vladimir Alekno (Russia)
Hugh McHutcheon (USA)
Vital Heynan (Germany)
Ze Roberto Guimaraes (Brasil)
Bernardo Rezende (Brasil)
Lang Ping (China)
Guidetti (Vakifbank)
Glenn Hoag (Canada)

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