Just the sort of suggestion we’re after

The following came in from a nomination form submission. It’s exactly the sort of Volleyball Coaching Wizard nominee we’re looking for!

Roger Adams is one of the best volleyball coaches in the business, but most importantly, he is one of the best teachers and mentors I’ve ever known. He got me into the sport in the 80’s when he was winning Gold Medals at a club called The Bay Club. The club, operating out of Fremont High School in Northern California, was one of the most successful volleyball clubs of the 80’s and 90’s and was originally started by Stanford’s Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, John Dunning. Roger’s teaching style does more than produce top level athletes, it produces exceptional people, giving them skills to excel in life as well as sports. He has won multiple Gold Medals as a Junior’s coach and was an Assistant Coach to Kerri Walsh Jennings at MItty High School when she was a sophomore through her senior year. Roger currently coaches track and field at a prestigious middle school in Saratoga, CA called St. Andrew’s where he has taught for over 35 years. He has a following of past and present students that makes him one of the most loved and respected coaches in the business.

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