Coaching Wizards on Social Media

By becoming a member of the Volleyball Coaching Wizards, you can of course access interviews with these great coaches. But that is not the only access you can have to them. Many of them are active on social media and the internet and you can continue to follow their adventures and struggles on the path they have chosen.

Carl McGown did not have his own twitter, but his company Gold Medal Squared can be followed here.

Mick Haley can be followed via the USC women’s volleyball twitter feed.

Vital Heynen has a particularly interesting twitter feed.

Simon Loftus regularly tweets his thoughts and observations here.

Ismo Peltoarvo is not as active as some others, but perhaps he can be persuaded to share more if more people join him here.

Jim Stone is active on twitter, has his own website Volleyball Training Solutions and is also a contributor to the Art of Coaching Volleyball.

Mark Lebedew has a twitter feed here and also regularly writes on his blog.

A future interviewee, Giovanni Guidetti can also be found on twitter.

If anyone can fill in any spaces, feel free to drop us a line in the comments.


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