Winningest college and high school coaches

The NCAA record book for volleyball coaching victories is a great source for potential Wizard nominations. Above and beyond those already selected based on AVCA Hall of Fame membership, a whole bunch of top coaches (likely future Hall of Famers) can be added to the list.

The AVCA list includes a few high school coaches. The National High School Coaches Association’s list of annual high school volleyball coach of the year is a good additional source of candidate. Taking things up a big notch, the National Federation of State High School Associations has a record book of coaching victories nationally (though only for girls). Some coaches have achieved crazy big win totals!

Adding some Dutch flavor

The following came in from a Dutch (by way of England) contact:

Joop Albeda is a good choice. You need to name it together with another Dutch coach who made the Dutch men European Champion and won many National Titles. He is now General Manager of a football club ( PSV Eindhoven). His name is Toon Gerbrands.  I am also missing, and he is still an FIVB advisor and currently psychology coach for Ajax: Peter Murphy. Peter has been mentor for coaches like Joop Albeda and Harry Brokkink and is comparable to an Arie Selinger.

A handful from John Kessel

He tells me he’s going to have more names to offer, but as a first cut John Kessel suggested these coaches:

Carl McGown (USA)
Doug Beal (USA)
Hugh McCutcheon (USA)
Karch Kiraly (USA)
John Speraw (USA)
Oriol Pascual (Spain)
Lauri Hakala (Finland)

Nominees from the U.K., and beyond

Here are some suggestions of Wizard coaches from the U.K.

Jeff Williams (Malory Eagles)
Keith Trenam (Sheffield)
Audrey Cooper (VE/ Northumbria)
Craig Faill (Scottish Women’s Nation Team)
Thomas Dowens (Scottish Junior Men)
Harry Brooking (GB Coach & Sousse Tunisia)

And a few from beyond:

Joel Banks (Belguim Juniors)
John Speraw (USA)
Julio Velasco (Argentina)
Vladimir Alekno (Russia)
Hugh McHutcheon (USA)
Vital Heynan (Germany)
Ze Roberto Guimaraes (Brasil)
Bernardo Rezende (Brasil)
Lang Ping (China)
Guidetti (Vakifbank)
Glenn Hoag (Canada)

A bunch of international nominees

Carlos Prata, assistant coach with the Portuguese national team, offered up a list Volleyball Coaching Wizard nominees. It includes:

  • Paulo Cunha (Portugal)
  • Silvano Prandi, Flavio Gulinelli (Italy)
  • Gido Vermeullen, Joop Alberda (Netherlands)
  • Julio Velasco (Argentina)
  • Ricardo Maldonado (Argentina)
  • Pierre Laborie, Eric Daniel (France)
  • Vitel Heynen, Dominique Baeyens, Jan DeBrandt (Belgium)
  • Bernardindho, José Roberto Guimarães (Brazil)
  • Arie Selinger, Bill Neville, Doug Beal, Marv Dunphy, Karch Kiraly, Hugh McCutcheon

A bunch of Wizard nominees in one place

The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) provides a bit of 1-stop shopping for prospective Volleyball Coaching Wizards in the form of its Hall of Fame. Since 2003 more than sixty people have been selected. Not all of them fall into the coach category, however. For example, equipment manufacturer Sports Imports is on the list for contribution to the sport, which is fair enough. Trimming those types of entries from the list, we have the following:

Al Scates
Andy Banachowski
Arnie Ball
Barbara Viera
Bill Neville
Bob Sweeney
Brian Gimmillaro
Carl McGown
Carol Dewey
Carol Russo
Charles Erbe
Dave Shoji
Debbie Chin
Debbie Green
Debbie Hunter
Debby Colberg
Deitre Collins-Parker
Dixie Grimmett
Don Shaw
Donald Shondell
Doug Beal
Elaine Michaelis
Fran Kalafer
Iradge Ahrabi-Fard
Irene Matlock
John Dunning
Larry Bock
Linda Dollar
Lisa Love
Liz Masakayan
Lois Webb
Louise Crocco
Margaret Worthington
Marilyn McReavy-Nolen
Marv Dunphy
Mary Jo Peppler
Mick Haley
Mike Hebert
Peggy Martin
Rudy Suwara
Russ Rose
Ruth Nelson
Sandra Vivas
Sandy Hoffman
Sandy Vong
Steve Shondell
Stewart McDole
Sue Gozansky
Sue Woodstra
Teri Clemens
Terry Liskevych
Terry Pettit
Tom Tait

Most folks on this list are from the college ranks, but there are a few from the high school level, along with some national team coaches as well. If you have any thoughts about anyone above, feel free to leave a comment below.

Got a recommendation of your own? Submit a nominee here.