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The Volleyball Coaching Wizards project brings together the world’s best coaches from all levels of the game. We interview them, talking about things like

– Coaching style and how it’s evolved
– Training philosophy
– Season and phase structure
– Practice session design
– Line-up decisions and playing time
– Managing internal and external expectations
– Career development
– Putting together a good staff
– Recruitment and player selection
– Coaching education and development

Then we share those interviews with you.

Think of it as a library of volleyball coaching wisdom, insight, and experience.

We already have over 40 interviews done and expect loads to come in the future.

Here are some of coaches we’ve interviewed so far:

Stelio DeRocco

Australian National Team Olympic coach. Canadian National Team coach. Winner of 2 Euro Cups coaching professionally. Winner of 2 league titles and 3 Cups in Romania.

Sue Gozansky

Winner of 3 National Championships and nearly 700 NCAA collegiate matches in 39 seasons. AVCA Hall of Fame inductee in 2006. FIVB and USAV coaching instructor. Multiple book author.

Giovanni Guidetti

Winner of 2 CEV Champions League gold medals, plus an FIVB Club World Championship. Head coach of the Dutch Women’s National team in the 2016 Olympics. Multiple time Italian Coach of the Year.

Mick Haley

NCAA Division I national championships with two different universities. Multiple 2-year college national titles. US Women’s National Team Olympic coach. AVCA Hall of Fame.

Vital Heynen

2014 World Championships bronze medalist as German National Team head coach. Four league titles, 5 Cups, and 4 Super Cups in Belgium. Two CEV Cup medals.

Anders Kristiansson

Winner of 26 domestic men’s and women’s championships in his native Sweden, 15 in Belgium, and 3 in Greece. Reached the CEV Champions League Final Four on four occasions – 2 finals. Coached the Swedish National Team to silver at the 1989 European Championships.

MarkLebedewImageMark Lebedew

3-time German Champion and CEV Champions League bronze medalist. Has coached in the Olympics, the World League, and World Championship qualifications

Carl McGown

Over 40 years experience in the USA National Team program; 13 seasons as head coach at BYU, winning 2 national championships; Swiss league and cup titles; AVCA Hall of Fame.

Jenny McDowell

More than 600 wins at the NCAA Division III level, with 19 straight trips to the NCAA tournament, with 4 Final Fours and a National Championship. Her players have earned 40+ All-American selections.

Ismo Peltoarvo

Winner of more than 20 domestic and international titles coaching professionally in Sweden. Head coach for both the Swedish Women’s National and Junior National Teams.

Jefferson Williams

Winner of over 30 leagues championships and , more than 20 cups titles coaching at the top level in England. Also coached the English men’s and women’s national teams, as well as Team GB


Here’s the full current list:

– Iradge Ahrabi-Fard
– Arnie Ball
– Axel Büring
– Teri Clemens
– John Corbelli
– Paulo Cunha
– Joel Dearing
– Jan De Brandt
– Stelio DeRocco
– Craig Faill
– Gerry Ford
– Sue Gozansky
– Giovanni Guidetti
– Mick Haley
– Glenn Hoag
– Vital Heynen
– Anders Kristiansson
– Mark Lebedew
– Mike Lingenfelter
– Simon Loftus
– Craig Marshall
– Peggy Martin
– Tod Mattox
– Jenny McDowell
– Carl McGown
– Marilyn McReavy-Nolen
– Ryan Mitchell
– Ruth Nelson
– Bill Neville
– Athanasios Papageorgiou
– Ismo Peltoarvo
– Terry Pettit
– Garth Pischke
– Al Scates
– Bob Schneck
– Dave Shoji
– Jim Stone
– Redbad Strikwerda
– Tom Tait
– Tom Turco
– Jefferson Williams

And that is just the beginning!

We are constantly adding new interviews. Our list of Volleyball Coaching Wizard nominees to interview contains over 300 names. That collection includes coaches who’ve amassed tens of thousands of victories;

… won hundreds of championships;

… coached in the Olympics and World Championships;

… worked with men and women, boys and girls;

… coached in small, poorly funded programs in places where volleyball isn’t very popular, in well-funded programs where volleyball is a major sport, and everywhere in between;

… worked with teams and players from a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds

… been inducted in to Halls of Fame;

… coached at every level from youth and Juniors, to high school and college, to professional and international.

Even the Wizards themselves think this is a great thing! Listen to what Stelio DeRocco said about the project:

If the coaches we’re interviewing for the project think it’s a great resource for themselves, imagine what a game changer it could be for you!

Normally, to hear coaches like this talk you’d probably have to spend $200, $300, or more to attend a seminar. You might have to take time off work. Almost certainly you’d have to travel – maybe spend a couple nights in a hotel. And that’s just for a couple of them at one event!

Think about being able to listen to not just a handful of great coaches, but dozens of them, sharing their experience and insights when you want, where you want. It’s like going to a seminar on your schedule, anywhere you want – and being able to go back again and again!

No big event fees. No vacation days used. No airfare or driving expenses. No expensive hotels.

You can get total lifetime access right now to every interview we’ve conducted, and every one we’ll record in the future all for one flat tuition of just $197.

That’s less than $4.60 per interview, and it will go even lower as we add more interviews. How much do you pay for coffee each day? This is a crazy low tuition for all the great information and insights you’ll be getting from even just the coaches we’ve interviewed so far at this early stage. The value is only going to increase as we add more and more!

Plus, you get to listen and re-listen to the interviews as many times as you like. They’ll be yours forever.

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