A quartet of new Juniors and High School nominations

We had a handful of additional nominations in the Juniors and High School categories on Tuesday, with some expansion of the coverage of boys’ volleyball. As as been the pattern, they have mostly been from the USA, but we did get another recommendation from the German coaching ranks.

Come on folks! Let’s get some more youth coach nominations from the great wide world.

Günther Krispin is one of the most prolific coaches in Northern Germany, having worked with different clubs over the course of the years he always developed well rounded solid volleyball players, who were technically and tactically skilled to compete at a high level.
Günther coached the women’s youth national team (1976-81), the selection team of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, he worked for the federation in coaches clinics, co-authored a volleyball handbook and much more. There are tons of wisdom to be earned from this retired teacher.

Kevin Jones has coached at the College level and at the Club level for Tidewater Volleyball, Seven Cities, and Coastal. He is the best Setters Coach on the east coast having developed Curtis Stallings at Long Beach State and also has put multiple club players into college at all levels. He is able to analysis a players strengths and weakness’s and get the most out of the players athletic talent. He has also taken multiple teams to the Open Competition at nationals and has served as an assistant coach in the Boys HP pipeline.

Will Hall has been a coach in the Wisconsin high school and club community for quite some time now. In a community where the sport of volleyball is not overly popular and competitive in Wisconsin, Will has finished in the top 5 at Junior Nationals 5 times (at least, it may be more) in the Open Division with West Allis Lightning, including the 2010 Junior Nationals Boys 16 Open champions. He is well respected not only within Wisconsin, but nationwide. College coaches such as Marv Dunphy, Ken Shibuya, and Brad Keller turn to Will for his opinion on high school players not only within his own program, but also kids from all over the Midwest. Club coaches throughout the country also respect his opinion and have asked him to come work at camps in a number of different regions of the country. He is a very good teacher of the game and has sent numerous players on to college programs (at least 8).

Eric Maxwell started the Boys program at Southern Regional High School in Manahwkin, NJ at a time when no other school in the southern 2/3s of NJ had a boys team, and there were virtually no girls HS teams either. He had a “major” coaching issue, youtube video style, and dealt with it in a humbling yet profound way. His teams have done extremely well, but, for me, it is more about the way the kids keep on playing once they have left HS. He coaches both the boys and the girls now at the HS.

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