A bunch of international nominees

Carlos Prata, assistant coach with the Portuguese national team, offered up a list Volleyball Coaching Wizard nominees. It includes:

  • Paulo Cunha (Portugal)
  • Silvano Prandi, Flavio Gulinelli (Italy)
  • Gido Vermeullen, Joop Alberda (Netherlands)
  • Julio Velasco (Argentina)
  • Ricardo Maldonado (Argentina)
  • Pierre Laborie, Eric Daniel (France)
  • Vitel Heynen, Dominique Baeyens, Jan DeBrandt (Belgium)
  • Bernardindho, José Roberto Guimarães (Brazil)
  • Arie Selinger, Bill Neville, Doug Beal, Marv Dunphy, Karch Kiraly, Hugh McCutcheon

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